Breast Cancer

The Facts

The breast cancer virus was discovered in 1936 by Dr. John Bittner. Bittner thought then that the virus might cause breast cancer in women.
Converging and compelling data suggest that the virus may play a role in 40-70% of breast cancer.
Less than 2% of all money spent on breast cancer research goes to primary prevention – finding its cause and preventing it in healthy women.
An entire breast cancer-related industry will lose billions of dollars a year in revenue if we discover that a virus causes breast cancer and we develop vaccines to prevent the disease.
One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 20 seconds. One woman dies from breast cancer every minute.
All of the major breast cancer charities, were unwilling to fund clinical trials of the one preventive breast cancer vaccine developed in 2010.
Breast cancer vaccines now being funded by the federal government are to prevent tumor recurrence in survivors: none are preventive vaccines for use in healthy women.
Black women have a higher incidence of triple negative breast cancer, and much higher death rate. Ashkenazi Jewish women have a higher incidence of the BRC mutation, and a higher rate of triple negative breast cancer.
The pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries make billions of dollars a year diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Hospitals make billions of dollars diagnosing and treating breast cancer.
Merchants make tens of millions of dollars a year selling items tagged with pink ribbons, for they know that helps move product and increases sales.
Unlike our fire departments, our healthcare system is a profit-driven industrial engine that requires each provider to make a profit in order to survive. Ending a disease like breast cancer does not serve this monster.
The best way to control healthcare costs is to prevent all diseases we can, including and especially the most common female malignancy in the world, breast cancer.

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