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“The Pink Virus” is a hybrid film, blending historical and narrative elements, that focuses on the true story behind the the existence of a breast cancer virus, and the ongoing roadblocks thwarting a preventive vaccination effort. Currently, there is one vaccine that has already been proven effective in three animal models to prevent triple-negative breast cancer, which is its deadliest form. Yet, because of politics, big pharmacy, and questionable financial ethics involving the most prominent breast cancer philanthropies in the world, nobody knows about this effort, and women are suffering everyday at the global rate of 1 diagnosis every 20 seconds, and 1 death every minute.

Compelling evidence has shown that a virus found in mice is responsible for 40-75% of human breast cancer. Why then has it been thwarted, shelved, disputed, buried, silenced and starved for attention, not to mention money? Ah, that’s why it’s a story worthy of Shakespeare – with a Greek chorus of pink-clad survivors chanting in the background, “When will the race be over?” Enthusiasm for research on tumor viruses, particularly the breast cancer virus, was smothered in its crib in 1973 by those who orchestrated the National Cancer Act and its corollary, the ‘race for a cure’. Causes, prevention, and research on tumors viruses were kicked to the curb to make way for treatment, treatment, and ever more treatment. Work on tumor viruses was resurrected by Dr. Harald Zur Hausen when he proved to a world of skeptics and obstructionists that the human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer. Now it’s time to make way for completion of the research on the human breast cancer virus.
Why, then, is less than $100,000/year given to this research of the hundreds of millions of breast cancer research funds available? We asked the same question, and a few more, and now we have a story to tell. A story that must be told. A story that has the potential to change the history of breast cancer as we know it. This is what’s at stake: millions of women, millions of breasts, and billions of dollars. Dr. Kathleen Ruddy is a breast cancer surgeon trained at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She was Founder and Medical Director of the Breast Service for Barnabas Health (Clara Maass Medical Center: 1995-2005), received her International Masters in Health Leadership from McGill University (2008), and founded the Breast Health & Healing Foundation (2008) whose mission is “To discover the specific causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease”. She is a member of the Leadership Council of the Harvard School of Public Health and the Clinton Global Initiative

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Our goal is to create an award-winning film that will shake the Tree of Knowledge, muster the crowd, and move the world one giant step forward

Breast Cancer

The Facts

The breast cancer virus was discovered in 1936 by Dr. John Bittner. Bittner thought then that the virus might cause breast cancer in women.
Converging and compelling data suggest that the virus may play a role in 40-70% of breast cancer.
Less than 2% of all money spent on breast cancer research goes to primary prevention – finding its cause and preventing it in healthy women.
An entire breast cancer-related industry will lose billions of dollars a year in revenue if we discover that a virus causes breast cancer and we develop vaccines to prevent the disease.
One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 20 seconds. One woman dies from breast cancer every minute.
All of the major breast cancer charities, were unwilling to fund clinical trials of the one preventive breast cancer vaccine developed in 2010.
Breast cancer vaccines now being funded by the federal government are to prevent tumor recurrence in survivors: none are preventive vaccines for use in healthy women.
Black women have a higher incidence of triple negative breast cancer, and much higher death rate. Ashkenazi Jewish women have a higher incidence of the BRC mutation, and a higher rate of triple negative breast cancer.
The pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries make billions of dollars a year diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Hospitals make billions of dollars diagnosing and treating breast cancer.
Merchants make tens of millions of dollars a year selling items tagged with pink ribbons, for they know that helps move product and increases sales.
Unlike our fire departments, our healthcare system is a profit-driven industrial engine that requires each provider to make a profit in order to survive. Ending a disease like breast cancer does not serve this monster.
The best way to control healthcare costs is to prevent all diseases we can, including and especially the most common female malignancy in the world, breast cancer.

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Meet the Team

Steve Zukerman

Writer / Director / EP


As a writer, director, producer and digital media entrepreneur, Steve has made it his mission to amplify voices and elevate causes that create an impact both locally and on a global stage. His primary goal is to speak to the rise of today’s increasingly engaged audiences, while bringing awareness and  action to today’s most vital issues, taking on the opportunity and responsibility to do everything in his power to assist in improving the well-being of those who are suffering or in need. Steve has produced film and video projects for non-profit clients that include The Fuller Center For Housing, Breast Health and Healing Foundation, Riley’s Army, Care House Child Advocacy Center, No Kid Hungry, Indianapolis Police Department, War Memorial Foundation, Minority Health Coalition, and Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission.

Raquel Spellman

Executive Producer 

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy

Chief Scientific Advisor

Internationally acclaimed as a global healthcare leader for the “Pure Cure” - breast cancer prevention - Dr. Ruddy works tirelessly to promote primary prevention of breast cancer. She is especially committed to supporting research on the human breast cancer virus and the development of preventive breast cancer vaccines. Her book, "The End Of Breast Cancer: A Virus and the Hope for a Vaccine" (Skyhorse) is the first history of the research on the human breast cancer virus and a peek into a hopeful future hallmarked by a vaccine.

Jeanette Campbell


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